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The 8HP70 transmission was introduced in Chrysler vehicles in 2013. It is a eight-speed automatic transmission that was developed by ZF Friedrichshafen AG. This transmission has been used in a number of different Chrysler models, including the 200, 300, and Pacifica.

There have been a number of reports of problems with this transmission, including shifting issues and delayed engagement. In some cases, these problems have resulted in recalls.

If you’re having 8Hp70 transmission problems, there are a few things you can do to try and diagnose the issue. First, check the fluid level and condition – if it’s low or dirty, that could be your problem. Next, take a look at the transmission filter and clean it if necessary.

Finally, check the transmission itself for any leaks or damage. If you can’t find the source of the problem, it’s best to take your car to a mechanic or transmission specialist for further diagnosis.

Are Zf 8 Speed Transmissions Reliable?

The ZF 8 speed transmission is a reliable and durable option for those looking for an upgrade from their current 6 speed transmission. This 8 speed transmission offers smoother shifting, increased fuel efficiency, and a wider gear ratio spread than the 6 speed it replaces. There have been some reliability issues reported with the ZF 8 speed transmission, but these have mostly been isolated incidents and do not appear to be widespread.

Overall, the ZF 8 speed transmission is a good option for those looking for an upgrade in their vehicle’s performance.

Who Makes the 8Hp70 Transmission?

The 8HP70 transmission is made by ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a German multinational automotive parts manufacturer headquartered in Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg. The company was founded in 1915 and acquired by BMW in 1995. ZF produces a range of transmissions for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The 8HP70 is a eight-speed automatic transmission that has been used in a variety of vehicles from Audi, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati, and Rolls-Royce. The 8HP70 was first introduced in the 2013 model year Audi Q7 SUV. It has since been used in various other Audi models including the A8, A7, and Q5.

BMW began using the 8HP70 in the 2014 5 Series sedans and continues to use it across its lineup including the 7 Series, X5 SUV, and 6 Series Gran Coupe. Jaguar Land Rover debuted the 8HP70 transmission in the Range Rover Sport SUV for the 2014 model year followed by the Jaguar F-Type sports car for 2015. Maserati uses the transmission in its Ghibli sedan and Quattroporte sport sedan while Rolls-Royce offers it as an option on its Wraith coupe.

How Long Does a Zf 8 Speed Transmission Last?

The ZF 8-speed transmission was introduced in the 2008 BMW 7 Series, and it has been used in a wide variety of vehicles since then. It is a reliable transmission, but like all mechanical components, it will eventually need to be replaced. The good news is that with proper maintenance, you can expect your ZF 8-speed transmission to last for many years.

Here are a few tips to help extend the life of your ZF 8-speed transmission: 1. Check the fluid level regularly and change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 2. Avoid hard shifting and sudden changes in speed or direction.

These can put unnecessary stress on the transmission and lead to premature failure. 3. Have your vehicle serviced regularly by a qualified technician who can check for any potential issues with the transmission. 4. If you notice any unusual noises or vibrations coming from the transmission, have it checked out as soon as possible so that any problems can be addressed before they cause major damage.

What is the Difference between 8Hp75 And 8Hp70?

The 8HP75 and 8HP70 are both eight-speed automatic transmissions developed by German manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen. The main difference between the two is that the 8HP75 is designed for use in transverse engine applications, while the 8HP70 is designed for longitudinal engine applications. Both transmissions feature a torque converter with an integrated lockup clutch, as well as planetary gearsets and shift forks made from high-strength steel.

The transmission fluid used in both is also specially formulated to resist foaming and degradation. One key difference between the 8HP75 and 8HP70 is their gear ratios. The 8HP75 has a higher first gear ratio than the 8HP70 (3.17:1 vs 2.84:1), which helps it provide better launch performance in transverse engine applications.

The rest of the gear ratios are relatively close, with the exception of eighth gear – which has a slightly taller ratio on the 8HP70 (0.67:1 vs 0.64:1) to help improve fuel economy at highway speeds. Another notable difference between these two transmissions is their maximum input torque rating. The 8HP75 is rated for up to 516 lb-ft of torque, while the 8HP70 is only rated for up to 479 lb-ft of torque – though this will vary depending on the application it’s being used in.

So, if you’re looking at these two transmissions as potential options for your next project car or truck, be sure to take into account what kind of engine you’ll be using (transverse or longitudinal), what kind of performance you’re after (launch or fuel economy), and how much power/torque your setup will be making (keep it under 516 lb-ft for the 8HP75).

8Hp75 Transmission Upgrade

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a formidable SUV. It’s comfortable, efficient, and stylish all while being able to tackle just about any terrain or weather conditions you might encounter. But one area where it could use some improvement is in its transmission.

The 8Hp75 transmission that comes standard in the Grand Cherokee is good, but there are some aftermarket options that can make it even better. One such option is the 8Hp75 Transmission Upgrade from Mopar. This upgrade kit replaces the stock torque converter with a stronger one that can handle more power and improve shifting quality.

It also includes a new valve body and programming that’s optimized for off-road use. As a result, this upgrade can not only improve your Jeep’s performance, but also make it more durable when driving in tough conditions. If you’re looking to take your Jeep Grand Cherokee to the next level, then consider investing in the 8Hp75 Transmission Upgrade from Mopar.


The 8Hp70 transmission is a seven-speed automatic transmission that was introduced in 2013. It is used in a variety of vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango. The 8Hp70 has been generally reliable, but there have been some reports of problems with it.

These problems include shifting issues, vibration, and leaks.


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