[2000 ~ 2006 Mercedes C240] Transmission Problems & Repair Costs

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Mercedes C240 have been known to have transmission problems. In 2004, Mercedes issued a recall for the c240 4matic models because of these issues.

The main problem with the transmissions is that they can slip out of gear, which can cause the car to stall or lose power.

This can be extremely dangerous, especially if it happens while the car is moving at high speeds.

Another potential cause of transmission problems is a faulty filter. A clogged filter can restrict oil flow and cause all sorts of issues, so be sure to have it replaced if you suspect it might be the problem.

If your C240 is still having trouble shifting gears after taking these steps, then there’s a good chance something more serious is going on internally and you’ll need diagnosis and repairs.

Most Common Mercedes C240 Transmission Failures

  1. Lack of Response
  2. Leaking Fluid
  3. Low Fluid
  4. Burning Smell
  5. Grinding or Shaking
  6. Gears Slipping

2004 c240 Mercedes Shifting Problems FIX

How Do I Reset My Mercedes Transmission?

If your Mercedes-Benz C240 automatic transmission is giving you problems and you want to reset it, this can be done in a few different ways.

Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, the method used to reset the transmission may vary.

One way to reset your Mercedes C240 transmission is to disconnect the battery for about 30 minutes.

This will cause the car to lose all power, including stored data in the ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Once you reconnect the battery, the car will relearn its idle and other settings. Another way to reset your Mercedes transmission is by using a scan tool or code reader.

This will allow you to clear any stored codes in the system. Once these codes are cleared, the transmission will have been reset and should function properly again.

What Causes Mercedes-Benz Transmission to Slip?

There are a few different things that can cause a Mercedes-Benz C240 transmission to slip.

One of the most common causes is low transmission fluid levels. If the fluid level is low, it can cause the gears to slip and not engage properly.

Another common cause is a worn clutch. If the clutch is worn, it can cause the transmission to slip when shifting gears.

Lastly, a faulty solenoid can also cause the transmission to slip.

If one of the solenoids is not working properly, it can prevent the proper amount of pressure from being applied to the gears, causing them to slip.

Mercedes C240 Transmission Repair Cost

For minor Mercedes C240 transmission repairs, you may only be responsible for paying the labor cost, which can range from $200 to $400.

However, if your vehicle requires a complete transmission replacement, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000.

No matter what type of repair you need, it is always best to consult with a certified Mercedes mechanic to get an accurate estimate.

Mercedes c240 4matic 2005 problems

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, you may have heard of the Mercedes C240 transmission malfunction indicator light.

This is a warning light that comes on when the transmission is not working properly.

One of the most common reasons for the Mercedes c240 4matic transmission malfunction indicator light to come on is because there is low fluid levels in the transmission.

If the fluid level is too low, it can cause damage to the transmission and lead to costly repairs.

Another common reason for this light to come on is because there is something wrong with the transmission filter.

Mercedes C240 Reliability

If you’re in the market for a used car, the 2004 Mercedes C240 might be a good option.

This vehicle was well-reviewed when it was new and continues to be a popular choice among used car shoppers.

When considering a used car, reliability is always an important consideration.

So, how does the 2004 Mercedes C240 stack up in terms of reliability?

Generally speaking, the 2004 Mercedes C240 is considered to be a reliable used car.

There are some reports of common problems, such as transmission issues and electrical problems, but these are relatively uncommon.

Overall, most owners report being happy with their purchase and finding that the C240 is a dependable vehicle.

Of course, as with any used car, it’s important to have it inspected by a qualified mechanic before making your purchase.

This will help ensure that you’re getting a quality vehicle that won’t give you any major headaches down the road.

C240 Fluid Change


The Mercedes C240 is a reliable and luxurious car. However, some owners have experienced transmission problems. These problems can be expensive to fix, and they may cause the car to lose value.

If you are considering buying a used C240, it is important to be aware of these potential issues.


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