(Top 3 Fixes) Mercury Mariner Transmission Problems & Costs

If you’re having trouble with your Mercury Mariner’s transmission, you’re not alone. Many Mariner owners have reported problems with their transmissions, and the problem seems to be getting worse. There are a number of different transmission problems that have been reported, and it can be hard to determine what the cause is.

In some cases, the problem may be with the transmission itself, while in other cases it may be due to a problem with the engine or another component of the vehicle.

If you’re having trouble with your Mercury Mariner’s transmission, you’re not alone. Many drivers have reported issues with their transmissions, especially when it comes to shifting gears. In some cases, the problem is so severe that the car won’t even move.

There are a few potential causes of these transmission problems. One possibility is that the transmission fluid needs to be changed. If the fluid is old or dirty, it can cause shifting issues.

Another possibility is that there’s a problem with the transmission itself. This could be due to a faulty component or simply wear and tear over time. Whatever the cause of your transmission problems, it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you could end up stranded on the side of the road or in a dangerous situation while driving. If you’re experiencing any type of issue with your car’s transmission, don’t hesitate to take it to a qualified mechanic for diagnosis and repairs.

Top 5 Problems Mercury Mariner SUV 2nd Gen 2008-11

What are the First Signs of Transmission Problems?

The first signs of transmission problems are usually a change in the way the car drives. The car may feel like it’s slipping out of gear, or it may be hard to get into gear. There may also be strange noises coming from the engine, or the car may jerk when you try to accelerate.

If you notice any of these problems, it’s important to take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible so that they can diagnose and fix the problem before it gets worse.

What Kind of Transmission Does a Mercury Mariner Have?

The Mercury Mariner comes equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission. This particular type of transmission is designed to provide drivers with a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as good fuel economy. The five-speed automatic transmission in the Mercury Mariner also helps to keep engine noise to a minimum.

What are Common Transmission Problems?

One of the most common transmission problems is a leaks. Transmission fluid leaks can occur in a number of places, including from the seals, gaskets or lines. A small leak can quickly turn into a big problem if left unchecked.

Another common transmission problem is slipping. This can be caused by low fluid levels, worn clutch plates or other internal damage. Slipping may also be an indication that the transmission is overheating and needs to be serviced.

What is the Most Common Cause of Transmission Failure?

There are many possible causes of transmission failure, but the most common is probably a problem with the fluid. The fluid in your transmission lubricates and cools the gears, so if it’s low or dirty, it can cause serious problems. Other potential causes include a faulty solenoid, worn-out bearings, or a broken gear.

If your car starts making strange noises or won’t go into gear, you should take it to a mechanic for diagnosis.

Mercury Mariner Transmission Problems

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Mercury Mariner Transmission Recall

If you own a Mercury Mariner, there’s a chance your vehicle is affected by a transmission recall. Ford Motor Company has issued a recall for certain model years of the Mercury Mariner SUV due to an issue with the transmission. The affected vehicles are equipped with six-speed automatic transmissions that may unexpectedly downshift into first gear without warning.

This can happen while the vehicle is being driven at highway speeds, which could increase the risk of a crash. Ford says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue. However, if you experience unexpected downshifting in your Mariner, you should take it to a dealer for repair as soon as possible.

The fix involves updating the powertrain control module software. This is not the first time Ford has had to recall vehicles for transmission problems. In 2016, the company issued a recall for certain model year F-150 trucks due to an issue with the shift lever detaching from the transmission shifter cable.

And in 2015, Ford recalled over half a million vehicles due to problems with transmissions that could cause them to slip out of gear while being driven.


The Mercury Mariner is a popular SUV, but it has been known to have transmission problems. Some owners have reported that their vehicles have had sudden and unexplained changes in gears, while others have said that their transmissions have failed entirely. If you’re experiencing any type of issue with your Mariner’s transmission, it’s important to take it to a qualified mechanic or dealership for service.


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