[2004 Ford Expedition] Transmission Problems & Repair Costs!

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The 2004 Ford Expedition is a large SUV that seats up to eight passengers. It was part of the Expeditions third generation, which ran from 2003 to 2006.

In addition, there were three trim levels: XLT, Eddie Bauer, and Limited.

All models came standard with a 4.6L V8 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission. The Expedition’s transmission has been known to give owners problems.

Some of the most reported 2004 Ford Expedition issues include the transmission slipping or jerking, and the vehicle hesitating when accelerating.

Numerous other owners of the Ford Expedition have voiced grievances about comparable issues.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to attempt resolving the Ford Expedition transmission problem.

Just have a deep look at these instructions below:

First, check your Ford Expedition transmission fluid level and make sure it’s full.

If it’s low, topping it off may help solve the problem. You should also check for any leaks in the system and repair them if necessary.

If those simple steps don’t fix the issue, there are a few more involved repairs that you can try.

One is to replace the transmission filter. Another is to have your transmission flushed and refilled with fresh fluid.

Of course, if none of these things seem to be helping, it’s always best to take your Ford Expedition to an experienced mechanic and get it repaired.

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Ford Expedition Worst Complaints

Spark plug blew out of head in the 2003 Expedition.78
Engine shuts off when fail safe engine light comes on in the 2006 Expedition.75
Spark plugs eject out of cylinder head in the 2002 Expedition.46
Spark plug was blown out of socket in the 1999 Expedition.43
A rough idle caused by EGR sensor sticking
1997 through 2007.

The 2004 Ford Expedition was a full-size SUV that was part of Ford’s third generation of the vehicle. It was released in 2003 and production continued until 2006.

Common Problems With 2004 Ford Expedition

Common problems with the 2004 Ford Expedition include transmission failure, fuel pump issues and engine problems.

Transmission Failure: One of the most common problems with the 2004 Ford Expedition is transmission failure.

This can be caused by a number of things, but most often it is due to a faulty transmission filter or a problem with the transmission fluid itself.

Fuel Pump Issues: Another common problem with the 2004 expedition eddie bauer is fuel pump issues.

This can be caused by a number of things, but most often it is due to a clogged fuel filter or an issue with the fuel pump itself.

Engine Problems: Engine problems are another common issue with the 2004 Ford Expedition.

This can be caused by many things, such as an oil leak, coolant leak or even something as simple as dirty spark plugs.

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2004 Ford Expedition Transmission Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing the transmission in a 2004 Ford Expedition can vary depending on factors such as the location, the type of transmission (automatic or manual), the source of the replacement (new, rebuilt, or used), and the labor rates of the repair shop.

On average, a transmission replacement for a 2004 Ford Expedition could range from approximately $2,000 to $4,000 or more.

It’s important to obtain quotes from reputable mechanics or repair shops in your area to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific situation.

2014 Ford Expeditions Issues & Recalls

The Ford Expedition is a large SUV that has been in production since 1997.

It is based on the Ford F-150 pickup truck and shares many of its parts. Expeditions are available with either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

Since its launch, the 2014 Expedition has had four recalls for transmission problems. The first was in 1998, for a problem with the shift cable detaching from the transmission.

The second was in 2005, for a software issue that could cause the transmission to slip out of gear.

The third recall was in 2014, for a problem with the transmission shifting into neutral on its own.

Despite these recalls, there have not been widespread reports of transmission problems with the Expedition.

In fact, Consumer Reports rates the Expedition as “average” or better for reliability across all model years.

If you are considering buying an Expedition, it is important to have it inspected by a qualified mechanic before making your purchase to ensure that there are no underlying issues with the transmission.

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Ford Expedition Shifting Problems

Many ford expedition drivers have reported issues with their vehicles suddenly shifting into lower gears, or becoming stuck in one gear. In some cases, the problem has been severe enough to cause accidents.

There are several possible causes of this problem, including a faulty shift solenoid or transmission control module.

If you’re experiencing shifting problems with your Ford Expedition, take a look at this video and try to fix the problems.

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What are Early Signs of Transmission Failure?

One of the most common early signs of transmission failure is a change in the way your car shifts.

If you notice that your car is hesitating when shifting gears, or if the shifts feel “slippery,” this could be an indication that your transmission is starting to fail.

You might also notice that your car is taking longer to shift into gear, or that it’s making strange noises when shifting.

What are the Most Common issues in a Ford Expedition?

The most common problems with the Ford Expedition are related to its transmission, according to RepairPal.com.

The website notes that the Expedition’s transmission problems are more frequent than average for similar vehicles.

Other common problems include fuel system issues, engine cooling system problems and suspension problems.

How many miles can a 2004 Ford Expedition last?

According to the user’s report a Ford Expedition lasts on an average of 150,000 to 300,000 miles depending on the types of engine and how the users maintain the vehicle.

Most Common Ford Expedition Transmission Issues

  • Lack of Response
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Low Fluid
  • Burning Smell
  • Grinding or Shaking
  • Gears Slipping

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If you own a 2004 Ford Expedition or any other models, it is common to notice the issues with engine, transmission, brake, running board, third row seat issues, shifting, towing and power window problems.

Though, Ford recalled some of the mode years to improve the issues. If you are having these kinds of problems, make sure to follow the solutions mentioned above and fix the issues.


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